- Thesaurus authoring and publishing solutions

Thesaurus Authoring and Publishing Solutions

Since 1983, our tools have made it easy to create and manage thesauri, taxonomies and other types of controlled vocabularies. As more innovations become available, we have expanded our services to include online authoring and publishing of thesauri and custom solutions for corporate needs. Our products are based on the same core thesaurus technology which has been tested and proven reliable for many years.

Management / Authoring solutions

MultiTes Pro
Our flagship product, Windows based thesaurus authoring.
MultiTes Online
Web based service, complements MultiTes Pro adding online authoring.

Publishing / Deployment solutions

MultiTes Site
Online thesaurus publishing service
MultiTes WDK
Live gateway to your MultiTes Pro thesaurus
MultiTes EDK
Enterprise Thesaurus Deployment