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Author your MultiTes Pro vocabulary online without having to worry about your IT department, installation issues, network administration, firewall settings, hacker intrusion, HTML programming, database administration, server maintenance, system upgrades, etc.

Some of MultiTes Online features
  • Thesaurus authoring with any web browser connected to the Internet (PC, Mac, iPad, tablet or smartphone)
  • Multiple editors, each with their own account/password.
  • Multiple search options.
  • Add/edit/delete terms, relationships, notes, categories, etc..
  • 100% compatible with MultiTes Pro thesaurus format, including:
    • Custom relationship codes.
    • Custom open text fields (notes, definitions, etc.).
    • Custom language codes.
    • Polyhierarchies.
    • Automatic creation of reciprocal relationships.
    • Thesaurus standard validations.
    • Single database file, backups can be made just by downloading the .th2 file.
  • Select users can download the thesaurus file to their computer and leverage the features in MultiTes Pro for advanced reporting.
Service Requirements
  • Any device (PC, Mac, iPad, table or smartphone) with a modern web browser, connected to the Internet.
  • Optional: MultiTes Pro (Windows desktop) advanced reporting options.
Contact us for more information. Custom options, adaptations and other adjustments are available through consulting services.
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