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Our flagship product, MultiTes Pro is a Windows application to author and manage thesauri and other types of controlled vocabularies. Its ease of use, rich set of features and simple installation has made it the tool of choice of thesaurus builders all over the world since 1983.

A fully functional 30-day trial version is available for download.

Some of MultiTes Pro features
  • Easy to install and deploy thanks to its small footprint. MultiTes Pro is a 32-bit native Windows application - no Java, .NET libraries, database runtimes or other heavy dependencies required.
  • Single file database (one per thesaurus) simplifies portability, management and backups.
  • Support for ANSI/NISO standard relationships (USE, UF, BT, NT, RT, SN).
  • Support for user-defined relationships, classifications, languages and note/comment fields.
  • Support for polyhierarchies (i.e. multiple BT's).
  • Support for multilingual thesauri.
  • Validation of conflicting relationships.
  • Automatic generation of reciprocal relationships.
  • Unlimited number of terms, relationships, categories and hierarchies, as allowed by your system's resources.
  • Complete hierarchy display.
  • Quick Data Entry window for typing of terms and relationships in free text mode.
  • Copy/Paste options to add terms and relationships to/from the clipboard.
  • Editing of multiple thesauri at the same time, same computer. Along with the Copy/Paste/clipboard options, terms and relationships can be easily copied from one thesaurus and paste them into another.
  • Context sensitive menus for quick access to common functions like Display Term Record, Edit, Flag, Delete, Add Relationships, and more.
  • Access to search engines directly from term record display.
  • Template based tailoring of the look and feel of the web site.
  • Term flagging allows different flags to different terms.
  • Category/Classification (Microthesauri) management makes it easy to browse terms by category/microthesaurus.
  • Quick access to "Recently opened terms".
  • Advanced search by string in term, note content, categories, flags, status and TNR.
  • Easy top term and non-preferred term visibility by using bold face and italics respectively.
  • Standard reports such as Alphabetical, TopTerm, Hierarchical, Classified & Rotated Index
  • A Report generator to create ad-hoc reports.
  • Many output formats, including plain text, XML, SKOS/RDF, RTF, XML, CSV, HTML and user configurable formats.
  • Import terms, relationships, or fully-featured thesauri from text files or from clipboard
  • ...and many more.
System Requirements
  • Windows 10 or better, or server class Windows systems.
  • Recommended RAM memory for the system running MultiTes Pro
  • 10MB of disk space for application
  • An estimated 20 MB of disk space for every 50,000 terms
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